Halloween Celebrations





Our Threes,  Fours and Kindergaten students may wear costumes to school on Monday, October 31. At 9:15 the children will parade through the halls and outside, if weather permits. Parents are welcome to watch the parade. The parade will end at 9:30.

After the parade the Threes, Fours and Kindergarten will return to their classrooms. Teachers will help the children change into regular school clothing so they can be comfortable during their school day. The children will have a special Halloween snack.

Please note: no toy weapons are allowed in school and no masks - some or our children are frightened by masks.
Please send a change of clothing and a bag for your child's costumes.

TWOS - Our Twos will celbrate Holloween on Thursday, October 27..

Our twos will have a special Holloween snack. They may wear regular clothing or costumes to school.

If they do wear a costume, please send in clothing that your child can change into so they are comfortable and can play outside.