About Grace Preschool


Grace Preschool, founded in 1961, has a tradition of excellence initiated under the direction of Mrs. Jean Page. As the school grew in response to community needs, the initial student body of 9 four year olds has expanded to 104 children from two to six years of age. Our school faculty is composed of 19 highly qualified professionals including specialists in art, music, science and gym.



We believe that each child is a unique and precious human being. The goal of the Grace United Methodist Preschool is to provide an atmosphere of "controlled freedom" in which the individual child may grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at his or her own growth rate, under the guidance of experienced and loving teachers. This developmental program is carefully planned to integrate organized play with early learning, readiness and social skills.


  • September Twos - 2 yrs. by September 1           
    9:00-11:00 T, TH    (Enteded Hour 11:00-12:00 offered)
  • January Twos  - 2 yrs. by December 1                
    9:00-11:00 T, TH
  • Old Twos, Young Threes  and Three Year Olds - 3 by December 1                                   
     9:00-12:00 M, W, F
  • Four Year Olds   - 4 by December 1                                            
    9:00-12:00 M, T, TH, F
  • Four Year Olds with Wednesday Fours  (5 days)                                     
    9:00-12:00 M, T, W, TH, F
  • Kindergarten  - 5 by December 1                                                 
    9:00-12:00 M, TH, F    9:00-2:30 T, W


  • Lunch Bunch for Threes                               
    12:00-2:30 M, W
  • Lunch Bunch for Fours                                 
    12:00-2:30 M, T, W, TH
  • Lunch Bunch for Kindergarten                      
    12:00-2:30 M, TH                                            


  • Each class at Grace Preschool has a head teacher and an assistant teacher.
  • January Twos - 1 class of 8-10 children
  • September Twos - 2 classes - 10 children/class
  • Old Twos/Young Threes - 1 classes - 10-12 children/class
  • Threes - 2 classes - 12 children/class
  • Fours - 2 classes - 14-16 children/class
  • Kindergarten - 1 class of 12-14 children
  • Specialty teachers in Music, Art, Science and Gym


Our Twos and Threes classes are developmental in nature. We focus on the whole child; emphasizing social, emotional, physical and academic development. 

Our Fours and Kindergarten progams continue to focus on the whole child as a strong academic curriculum is introduced. Children graduate and move on from Grace Preschool with academic readiness and excellent classroom skills.  

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